Connected services & personal data

  • Your connected vehicle, your personal data & Renault

    Your connected vehicle, your personal data & Renault

    Do you have any questions about the personal data collected through our Connected Services?

    Why do you collect my personal data?

    Sharing your personal information allows you to:

    • establish a personalised relationship between you and the Renault group. This personalised relationship enables us, among other things, to inform you of the progress of your orders through your applications, or to offer you specific services based on the information given.
    • strengthen your AfterSales relationship by, for example, allowing the customer service department to easily identify you in order to provide you with effective and relevant solutions in the event of a problem.
    • make full use of the Connected Services such as TomTom Traffic or COYOTE Series

    Personal data is always collected for a specific and definite purpose. Collecting this information requires that you be informed beforehand and give your consent when necessary (for geolocation data, for example).  

    What data does the Renault Group collect via my connected services?

    When you use Renault applications or your vehicle's connection, the Renault group collects several types of data to enable you to make full use of connected services such as:

    • Individualrelated data via your Renault applications (MYRenault, My Z.E., etc.), in particular to identify you and give you access to certain services e.g. your email address is required to access your personal accounts in these applications.
    • Data that may be indirectly linked to your identity such as your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which allows you to add your vehicle to your virtual garage in your applications, among other things.
    • Technical data specific to your vehicle such as tyre pressure or battery charge level if you have an electric vehicle, so that we can send you information in the event of any malfunction.
    • Your vehicle usage data so that we can, for example, help you improve the energy efficiency of your driving in terms of anticipation, acceleration or consumption.
    • Geolocation data to help you reach your destination from your current location by using our onboard navigation systems.

    What does the Renault Group do with my data?

    Renault processes and secures your data to allow you to access all your services.

    To improve your customer experience, this data may be shared with various subsidiaries within the Renault Group as well as with certain application and service providers, bound by a commitment ensuring the confidentiality of your data. For example, using the TomTom Traffic navigation service requires that certain data be shared with our TomTom provider to make the service operational.

    Some administrative or public authorities (authorised third parties) may also require that the Renault Group share certain data on a case-by-case basis, at their request.

    What are my rights?

    You have various rights regarding the processing of your data and you can exercise these rights simply by providing proof of your identity:

    • A right to be informed: you must be informed before any data can be collected. 
    • A right to access: you can access the data collected about you by requesting it at any time.
    • A right to correct: you have the right to ask to correct your personal data if it is inaccurate or obsolete.
    • A right to object: you may also object to the processing of your personal data, provided you have a legitimate reason to do so.
    • A right to data portability: you are entitled to receive, in a structured format, the personal data that you have provided to the Renault Group, and to ask that they be transmitted to any other data controller.

    How long is my data kept?

    The Renault Group undertakes to retain your data for a limited period of time necessary for the implementation of the services unless there is a legal obligation to retain and archive certain data.

    Is my data secure?

    Yes, your data is stored on secure servers. The Renault Group implements, and requires that its partners implement, appropriate security and data protection measures, in line with the latest technologies to protect your personal data.  

    When it is necessary to transfer data for its processing, the Renault Group ensures that this transfer is made under appropriate conditions to ensure a sufficient level of protection, security and confidentiality.

    How can I stop my data from being collected?

    You can enable/disable data-sharing from your vehicle directly on your R-Link system screen by selecting "Settings" from the "My Apps"/"My Services" menu (depending on version), then "Privacy"/"Data Sharing" (depending on version).

    Disabling data-sharing disables data transmission from your vehicle. You will need to enable data sharing again to use the connected services.

    If you have an electric vehicle and use the My Z.E. application, you can also enable/disable data collection from within your My Z.E. application by going to "My vehicle settings" then selecting "Driving mode".